Quality Control Research & Development Laboratory

Research and development at the basis of our philosophy

From the very outset Edilfibro SPA has always considered the laboratory its focal point for all controls and research, both on finished products and on the raw material used in production. The current laboratory staff of five, alternates in performing the controls required by the ISO EN 9001: 2000 Quality System and European production standards. In ongoing evolution and with a keen eye to ecology, Edilfibro SPA has moved to achieve an ISO EN 14000 Certified Environmental Quality System.

Quality and Safety

All the corrugated roofing sheets produced by Edilfibro Spa represent great progress in the accident prevention field, because if laid in compliance with the UNI EN 10636 standard, in case of accidental breakage, the part that was the cause of the damage is retained by special strips inserted into the cement matrix of the slabs. They thus comply with the UNI EN 15057 standard which requires that a spherical-conical body weighing about 50 kg, freely dropped from a height of 120 cm, is held for at least one minute by the slab itself even if damaged.

Assured Quality

The quality of our products is certified and for us at Edilfibro it is so important that we have also put it under insurance. In fact, all the roofs made with fiber cement slabs produced by Edilfibro Spa, whose installation complies with the requirements of the UNI 10636 standard, are guaranteed and insured with Unipol Sai Insurance Civil Liability Insurance Products and / or with the replacement of materials.

Certified Quality

In our laboratory, not only all the tests prescribed by the European Standard for products are periodically performed, but also all the checks by the inspectors of the National and International Quality Laboratories, who are responsible for checking the activities required for obtaining and maintaining the Quality Certifications. In addition, all Edilfibro activities are regulated by procedures under the UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard and controlled by the ICMQ Institute