A modern material with outstanding properties and high performances

Research and Development are the basic principles on which Edilfibro bases its philosophy in order to offer the market products of undisputed quality and reliability over time.
The company has always been committed to introducing new procedures to improve the control systems that affect both finished products and raw materials that arrive at the factory, allowing all operators to fully control the complex production process. Edilfibro has equipped itself with sophisticated instruments, mainly adopted upon specific Company requests and therefore unique in their kind, allowing quality control workers to verify all the characteristics of each single component of the fiber cement. Thanks to articulated computerized systems, all production phases are constantly monitored; from the formation of the product defined as “fresh”, to the demoulding of the product ready for “maturation”, the operators intervene step by step to guarantee the conformity of the products to the standards required by the UNI EN 494: 2015 standard.

PVA Cement

PVA CEMENTfeatures

    Essential requirement of the European directives, incombustibility is a strong point for Edilfibro's profiled sheets.


    Light (13,5 kg/m2) and flexible, PVA cement has considerable advantages in assembly and in maintenance, thanks to the high solidity and impact resistance.


    Thanks to the permeability to steam and to the thermal insulation property, PVA cement boasts a remarkable ability in controlling of the condensation phenomenon and drainage of the excess humidity.


    Waterproof and frostproof, PVA cement easily passes the "climate influence" test in accordance with UNI EN 494: 2015 standard.


    The remarkable sound absorption property of PVA cement helps the increase of the overall sound insulation and resultant comfort.


    The cement matrix, result of an in-depth research, ensures resistance to aggressive environmental and chemicals agents, such as sulphates and acid rain.


    PVA cement does not fear oxidation phenomena and it's not subject to morphological modifications and perforations of the roof in case of stray currents.


    Inert to fermentation processes, PVA Cement also does not fear attacks by microbial agents of vegetable origin and by insects and rodents.


    Cement, made of clay and limestone, which abounds on the terrestrial surface, associated with organic synthetic fibers and other components of the product, confers ecological characteristics to PVA cement throughout its life cycle.

The importance of quality

Thanks to their natural characteristics, the PVA cement sheets are considered suitable for roofing in the livestock sector, particularly in presence of aggressive and humid atmospheres.
The properties of the PVA cement and the physical-mechanical characteristics of Edilfibro’s sheets ensure long lasting coverage and help to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for the animals.

The environment in which the animal lives has a direct influence on its growth and it determines its productivity.