Some examples

Of our implementations

Certosa di Pavia

Certosa di Pavia - Refurbishment of several roofs that make up the entire structure with TEGOLIT PLUS 200.

Villa d'Este Grand Hotel in Cernobbio (Co)

Villa d'Este Grand Hotel in Cernobbio (Co) - Roof renovated with Tegolit 200.

La Fenice Theater - Venice.

Roof renovation with Tegolit 200.

Lissone Cathedral

Remaking of church roof and porch with Tegolit Plus 200

Caravaggio sanctuary.

"Refurbishment of church roof and porch using Tegolit Plus 200."

Basilica S.M. di Campagna

Roof refurbishment with Tegolit plus 200.


"Farmhouse with Colorplus 6 Dark Brown"

Double-pitched roof covering

Double-pitched roof coverage with Ruralco 6 Terrechiare.

"Single-family homes"

Single-family homes with Colorplus 6 Tegola Red roofs.

Large industrial area.

Large industrial area covered with Plakfort 6.

Large industrial area with Plakfort 6 coverage.

Large industrial area with Plakfort 6 roofing.

Residential unit with integrated photovoltaic system.

Residence with integrated photovoltaic system.

Cattle farming

Cattle breeding, Plakfort 6 Colorplus roofing, Ancient Red.

Open stable

Open stable with Plakfort 6 Colorplus 6 roofing, in Tegola Red.

Industrial complex

Industrial complex built using Plakfort 6 Colorplus 6, Slate Black.

Ipsilonda 6 PKF

Ipsilonda 6 PKF beams are required to cover a structure composed of wing profile beams.

Coverage with Ipsilonda 6.

Coverage with Ipsilon 6 on a large-scale vaulted structure.

Cleaning and replacement of a curved cover.

Cleanup and replacement of a curved covering made with Ipsilonda 6 sheets, color red tile, harmoniously integrated into the existing context.

Soffit made with Dolmen slabs.

Soffit made with Dolmen slabs.

Plafonit Sheets

Plafonit Sheets to ceiling an industrial structure.

School Complex

Roof covering of the school complex with Tegolit Terrechiare 235 and corresponding roof tiles.

Coastal villa.

Villa on the coastal area, with the use of Tegolit Terrechiare 235.

Social complex

Social complex with use of supporting material in Tegolit Plus 235

Residences on the French Riviera

Residences on the French Riviera, using Tegolit 235 application.

Industrial plant

Industrial plant Curved roof with Aluzinc rolled sheets.

Industrial deposit

Double-pitched roof made of H20 Aluminum.

Industrial plant

White-gray pre-painted steel covering.

Particolare copertura

Particolare copertura con lastre Alluminio H28 tacchettate

Stabilimento commerciale

Stabilimento commerciale Copertura in Alluminio Naturale

Particolare sormonto di testata

Particolare sormonto di testata In Acciaio preverniciato rosso siena

Stabilimento commerciale

Rivestimento verticale in lamiera preverniciata blu-genziana

Copertura industriale

Copertura industriale Con Acciaio preverniciato, profilo H28

Copertura edificio industriale

Copertura edificio industriale con lastre metalliche grecate Metaplak H40 in alluminio

Edificio industriale

Edificio industriale con copertura Metaplak H40 in acciaio preverniciato.

Copertura industriale

Copertura industriale con Metaplak H40 Aluzinc.

Metaplak H40 Detail

Particular of roofing with Metaplak H40 in pre-painted steel.