A fifty years journey


Edilfibro produces asbestos-free fiber cement and corrugated metal roofing sheets for industrial, civil and agricultural buildings.


Founded in 1963, the Edilfibro story is one of a passion for technology, innovation and the development of new roofing materials. From the very outset, the corporate production capacity steadily increased.

The corporate site is in the center of the Po River Valley of Italy, covering a 100.000 m2 area equipped with cutting-edge production plants and avant-garde test laboratories able to guarantee the quality and safety of all Edilfibro products.


Over the years growth has been steady and in line with the demands of a market increasingly attuned to environmental questions. Thanks to investments in research and development, Edilfibro launched the new Asbestos-Free Fiber cement reinforced with synthetic organic fibers of PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol).

Later Edilfibro expanded its field of activity, creating corrugated metal sheets in aluminum, prepainted steel and aluzinc; subject to special processing, these metal sheets offer truly superb technical and architectural solutions that make them suitable for many types of buildings and a wide variety of uses.

Today Edilfibro production hovers around 6 – 7 million square meters/year of PVA cement profile sheets and the company offers eight different sheet profiles suitable for a wide range of applications that run the gamut from roofing and ceiling cover to civil, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Durable, reliable and affordable: these are the features of Edilifibro products.