Corporate Certifications

ISO Quality and Environment Certifications

Edilfibro Spa has recently obtained the certification for the Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standard, which integrates with the already existing Quality Management system according to the ISO 9001 Standard, completing the regulatory framework for all the Company’s activities, and its products meet the strictest CE standards.

IQNet Certification

Thanks to the participation of IMQ in the IQNet international agreement, through the CISQ Federation, organizations in possession of the CSQ, CSQ ECO or CSQ H&S certifications also obtain the IQNet certification which aims at mutual recognition of the certifications issued by the signatory bodies.

NF Certification

The NF product certification issued by the French AFNOR institute, certifies the technical suitability of products destined for the European French market, in relation to the specific destinations of use.

KOMO Certification

The KIWA Certification Authority has recently awarded Edilfibro Spa with the KOMO product certification, in relation to the ecological fiber-cement sheets for roofing products targeting the Dutch market.
This Certificate certifies compliance with BRL 1103 and BRL 5071 Product Standards.

Environmental and health declaration

As part of the classification of building materials emissions inside buildings, Edilfibro products are free from volatile organic substances, obtaining the best class A +.

Product Certifications